Spurs vs Knicks — The Rodeo Road Trip Experience


As a Spurs fan living in NYC, I cannot wait for the Spurs to make their lone appearance in NYC.  What Spurs fan wouldn’t?  This is the arena they won their first title and rubbing that tidbit in Knicks fans is such a fun thing to do.  However tonight was just a huge let down.  The Knicks have been the Spurs bitches for almost 4 years and it all came to an end tonight with the Knicks beating the Spurs in a thrilling game that went to OT.

I am not here to go over the boxscore or to talk about the game, Mike and I will be doing that on a podcast recapping this game.  I am here to give you the experience of an away game at MSG.  
Spurs fans get major props.  Spurs fans came out in full force tonight and were cheering until the bitter end.  One fan had the stones to get up in an entire section of Knicks fans and talk shit to them all night.  Of course being out numbered, Knicks fans resorted to to pointing to the scoreboard when I yelled “1999.”  That caused a Knick fan to say the usual excuse of “asterisk.”
Knick fans are the worse.  Gallinari had a dunk and all of a sudden he is the next Knick to win the 2010 dunk contest.  Oh memo to the Knicks organization, just because Nate won the dunk contest does not make him Hall Of Fame material.  
But you got to give it to Knicks fans, they are passionate about their team and have the uncanny ability to be classless at the same time.  Eva Longoria was in attendance and when she was shown on the video screen, Knicks fans booed her like crazy.  The NY’ers in my section were calling her “whore” and “bitch.”
It got even better.  A Mavs fan was at the game and while I was in line to get beer he says to his friend “I am just here to see the Spurs lose.”  Mavs fans really hate the Spurs but the feeling is mutual.
Overall it was a fun night catching up with the Spurs on their Rodeo Road Trip.  Exclusive pictures, and video will be coming soon….that’s if Mike decides to post them up this year.  So expect the pics and video sometime around 2012!  Just messing with you Mike!
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