Spurs Trade Deadline Challenge


Here at Project Spurs, with the February 19 deadline coming up, there has been a lot of trade talk the last few days.  I thought it was a bit of a long shot when I threw out the idea of acquiring Camby, but then a ludicrous rumor involving Vince Carter came up, along with a report that Rasheed Wallace wants to wear the Silver & Black.

I’m issuing a challenge to our readers, using ESPN’s Trade Machine, put together a trade and submit it to us in the comments.  The trade needs to meet some key qualifications though:

  1. It needs to benefit the Spurs.  (Give us a short explanation)
  2. The math needs to come out, the Trade Machine will tell you if it doesn’t.
  3. Don’t submit anything we know isn’t going to happen, like trading Duncan.

Here’s an example that I’ve put together for you.

San Antonio sends Kurt Thomas and Fabricio Oberto to Indiana, and Jacque Vaughn to the Clippers.  Indiana sends Rasho Nesterovic to the Clippers, and Josh McRoberts to the Spurs.  The Clippers send Marcus Camby to the Spurs.  This gives Indiana quality depth and leadership in the post, while maintaining flexibility for the 2010 offseason.  The Clippers gain 2 expiring contracts, and free up some minutes for their glut of talented post players.  San Antonio gets a solid, defensive veteran who can run the floor and take some pressure off of Duncan, and a young post with an expiring contract, also maintaining 2010 flexibility.

See at Trade Machine:  http://games.espn.go.com/nba/features/traderesult?players=2805~846~874~125~3220~598&teams=11~11~12~24~24~12&te=&cash=

This is open for submissions until midnight (with the time shown on the comment link), February 13, 2009.  The Project Spurs team will narrow down the submissions, and then the finalists will be put up for a vote by our readers!

The winner will not only be recognized here on Project Spurs, but also receive a $25 cash prize from me.  That’s right, money AND recognition.  So put your trade together, tell us who goes where and why in the comments below, and then email me with a link to your comment.  The link will be the date and time above your comment.  My email is shawn@projectspurs.com, and put “Spurs Trade Deadline Challenge” as the subject so I can keep track of it.

So there you have it: create trade scenario, submit comment, email “Spurs Trade Deadline Challenge” to shawn@projectspurs.com

May the best trade win!