Spurs Sign Marcus Haislip


Now that Rasheed Wallace has committed to signing with the Celtics (according to reports) the Spurs have signed Marcus Haislip.  The Spurs actually were wooing him over ‘Sheed which make me scratch my head and just sit here befuddled at the Spurs Front Office.  Instead of going after a proven vet, they set their eyes on Haislip.  Way to go Spurs Front Office.  I hope you prove all us Spurs fans wrong and we hope you know what you are doing.

Marcus Haislip, a 6-foot-10 NBA expatriate who has become one of the
most sought-after free agents in Europe, has agreed in principle on a
deal that will bring him to San Antonio next season.

Haislip, 28, is expected to sign with the Spurs after the league-wide moratorium on offseason roster moves is lifted Wednesday.

Originally selected 13th overall by the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2002
draft, Haislip — a collegiate star at Tennessee — lasted just three
seasons in his first stint in the NBA. He spent the last of them in
Indiana before washing up on European shores in 2005.

Haislip played the past two seasons with Spanish powerhouse Unicaja
M√°laga, where he averaged 16.7 points as the team’s top scoring option
last season. A prolific dunker — but little else — during his first
tour of duty in the NBA, Haislip has polished his repertoire
substantially overseas, scouts say.

Haislip isn’t exactly a consolation prize in the Wallace sweepstakes.
The Spurs began wooing him well before Wallace handed down his decision.

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