Spurs will once again celebrate Noche Latina


The NBA and San Antonio Spurs will once again celebrate Latin Heritage with Noche Latina next starting next month. Along with the Spurs, the Heat, Magic, Knicks, Suns, Lakers and Bulls will also join in the festivities and each team will wear commemorative jerseys.

For San Antonio, it will be the the “Los Spurs” jerseys (though some purists feel the jersey should read “Las Espuelas”).

During Noche Latina games for San Antonio and participating teams, teams will host in-arena Latin-themed activities, including music, performances, and giveaways.

Here are the dates when the Spurs will be participating in Noche Latina 2012.

• vs. Nuggets on 3/4/2012
• vs. Clippers on 3/9/2012

For the city of San Antonio, this night fits right in with the predominately Mexican culture and the fact Spurs’ Manu Ginobili and Tiago Splitter are of Latin descent (Argentina and Brazil).