Spurs Week in Review: Week 6


Spurs vs. Hawks

Although San Antonio displayed a less-than-satisfactory offensive performance, turning the ball over 18 times, and didn’t push too far ahead of Atlanta for the majority of Monday night’s game, LaMarcus Aldridge’s 22 points and 11 rebounds pushed the Spurs toward the late win. Getting a 96-85 win over the Hawks put the Spurs at 11-6 on the season.

Spurs vs. Pelicans

The Spurs’ momentum toward the end of Monday night’s victory did not carry into their battle against the Pelicans in New Orleans Wednesday night. Once again, the Spurs were unable to protect their possessions and turned the ball over 15 times, while they only shot 39.8% from the field and just 25% from 3-point range. Rudy Gay led the way for San Antonio with 19 of the Spurs’ 90 points against the Pelicans.

Spurs vs. Hornets

The Spurs played another close game against the Charlotte Hornets Saturday night, but were able to come up with the win behind a 34-point fourth quarter. Led by Aldridge and Pau Gasol, who each had 17, the win gave the Spurs a 1-1 split on a two-game road stint and an overall record of 12-7.

Week in Review

Six weeks into the season, the Spurs sit securely in the 3rd seed of the competitive Western Conference despite missing important members of their squad in Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard.

Thoughout week six, the Spurs displayed the errors of many growing teams. For example, the Spurs have experienced trouble taking care of the ball, getting off to a strong early start, but then keeping the momentum of positive play going once its established, and providing dependable and consistent backup player support for their current go-to man – Aldridge.

Even though the Spurs are without Leonard, whose influence is beyond compare, as well as their veteran point-guard Parker, the silver and black have held their own in the league to this point. However, while continuing to grow and develop chemistry with their current roster, the Spurs will see the return of Parker for the first time since his serious quad injury in the 2017 Western Conference semi-finals.

With the return of Parker, the Spurs will no doubt undergo various adjustments with player time management. Parker’s return might usher in some changes for the better in the Spurs’ current problem areas. With Parker on the court, opportunities for other players may open up, which might allow for consistency from another Spur to help Aldridge out.

Aldridge’s consistency this season has been a welcome sight for the Spurs. While the Spurs’ supporting cast have had various sparks of their own, not one player has been able to step into that secondary role to give Aldridge some consistent much-needed help and relief night in and night out. Without this consistent support, the Spurs will not be able to battle some of the league’s best units.

Looking Ahead

Going into week seven, Parker will make his 2017-18 season debut against the Dallas Mavericks at home before going head-to-head with the Grizzlies in San Antonio on Wednesday and then in Memphis on Friday. Finally, they’ll end their week Sunday night against the Thunder in Oklahoma City.


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