Spurs waive Stephen Jackson


The San Antonio Spurs haven't had a dream season so far and the nightmare has gotten worse for its fans.

The team has released Stephen Jackson.

San Antonio has waived Stephen Jackson, league source tells Y! Sports.

Source on Spurs release of Stephen Jackson: "It's been brewing for a few days."

Gregg Popovich and Stephen Jackson have been sparring over Jax's role throughout season; disagreements resurfaced this week, source tells Y!

Spurs and Jackson discussed a release prior to trade deadline, but sides agreed to go forward together for rest of season, source says. (Adrian Wojnarowski)

This has to come as a huge surprise as the team and Jackson seemed to be on the same page, at least in public. Jackson and the Spurs seemed to keep a professional relationship in front of the cameras, especially during a tough stretch of Jackson's life this season where the team seemed to give him time to spend with his family during a tragedy.

Jackson's release is going to be a huge blow going forward into the postseason where the team is dealing with injuries to two of his top stars (Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili). It was also announced today that Boris Diaw would be out for 3-4 weeks due to surgery.

Losing Jackson also means that "toughness" factor is gone. Sure he may not have been putting up the points on the court but the fire was there when he was on the court. Now, who will be physical with the likes of Kevin Durant, LeBron James, etc.?

With the Spurs' bench spread thin now (Manu Ginobili out with injury, Boris Diaw out of action for 3-4 weeks due to back surgery) one has to think the Spurs may be looking at the waiver wire to find some much-needed help.

This move will certainly have an effect on the Spurs' championship hopes come the postseason.

What do you Spurs fans think about the situation?