Spurs vs. Warriors Preview


Tim Duncan goes down with an injury.  All is lost for the Spurs right?  WRONG!  The Spurs (17-3) are on a 5 game win streak and will face the Warriors (11-9) tomorrow night in Oakland. 
For the Spurs, they are being led by Manu Ginobilli, off the bench no less!  In the past games with out Duncan, Manu has put in unstoppable plays and putting up great numbers.  Can you say back to back 37 point night for him?  The Spurs have beaten the Dallas “Chokers” and the Utah Jazz  in Duncan’s absense.  Though mainly led by Manu, the Spurs have received much help from Matt Bonner, Fin Dawg, Parker, and Elson.  As of this post, no news on whether Duncan will return to the Spurs lineup against the Warriors, but it’s comforting to know the Spurs can win without their star player.  Of concern is the Spurs relying on Manu’s heroics.  They need more of a balanced approached when Duncan is not in uniform. 
For the Warriors, beating the Spurs is something they haven’t done with much regularity.  The Spurs simply have the Warriors’ number.  Except this Warriors team is nothing to take lightly.  Baron Davis, Monta Ellis, and Stephen Jackson lead this highly potent offensive team. 
The Spurs will have to control tempo, and make sure the defense is at its best and not let the Warriors run up the score.  However the Spurs can run so if it’s a running game they want, the Spurs can give it to them!   
Key matchup:  Manu vs. Jackson.
Expect the Spurs to drop the game in the end.

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