Spurs vs. Suns…Bring It!


Well I gave the Forward match-ups for the Nuggets Spurs Series, so I am here again to bring you the key match-up in the Suns Spurs series:  Tim Duncan vs Amare Stoudemire.  Though they won’t defend each other, they will see time playing against each other.
Amare S.:  An absolute beast!  His leaping, scoring, and rebounding ability tells us his surgery from last year is not going to be a factor.  A few years ago, he absolutely demolished the Spurs in the paint and the Spurs had no answer for him.  The same can be said this time around.  Expect Amare to tear up Elson, Oberto, or even Duncan.  He can run the floor and had developed a mid-range shot.  His defensive presence may be the key for the Suns to beat the Spurs.  He blocks shots and rebounds with the best of them.  He has success against the Spurs in past games so expect more of the same.
Tim Duncan:  The anchor of the Spurs defense and the beginning point of the Spurs offense.  He is back from his injury from last year and has been one of the most consistant Spurs this year.  Though he does not have the athleticism as Amare, he is more than capable of keeping Amare in check with his length, savy play, and all around game.  Aside from Amare, the Suns have a small front court and expect Tim to run wild on the Suns at times.