Spurs vs Suns Game 5 Preview


What started out as a series for the ages, has come out to be a dud.  The Spurs (3-1) will host the Suns (1-3) in a pivitol game 5 tonight which will have huge implications for both teams.  If Spurs win, they will face either the Dallas Chokers or New Orleans Hornets and the Suns are done, D’Antonie aka Pringles is probably run out of Phoenix, Shaq trade was a bust and the Suns window of opportunity is slammed shut.  If Suns win, then it’s a series and the Suns live to play another day.
For the Spurs, the pressure is on them to close out the series.  They are a old team and rest will be key, especially if they have to face the young Hornets team who will run at the Spurs.  The Spurs had a chance to sweep the Suns, but the Suns came out and played the way they should have been playing since game 1.  The Spurs must win this game because a game 6 in Phoenix will be difficult to win.  The Spurs must do some adjustment to the Suns posting up Diaw on Manu or Finely.  This worked wonders for the Suns in game 4 and expect the Suns to do it again.  Spurs will need to cut down on the turnovers, and close out on the Suns shooters — especially Raja Bell.  Expect the “Big Three” of Duncan, Manu, and Parker to have huge games.
For the Suns, they have to come out with the exact same level of play as they did in game 4 or it’s vacation time for them.  The crowd will be hostile, and with a team with Shaq and Nash, expect an all out effort on their part.
Key for the Spurs:  Bench production and shooting.  If the shooters get going (Finely, Barry) then Suns will have to lay off sending double teams at Duncan.  Also, the bench has been ghost lately.  Ime Udoka and Brent Barry have no shown up at all this series.  If just one of these two guys show up tongiht, the Spurs should win this game and end the Suns season. 
 In the end, I expect the Spurs to win tonight in another instant classic game like game 1.

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