Spurs vs. Nets On Location video


I apologize for not getting this posted sooner. This is Jeff Garcia’s last On Location coverage for this season. For the Spurs vs. Nets photos, visit the gallery. Jeff did go to the game against the 76ers in Philadelphia, but had a few hardware issues. Thanks once again to Jeff for what is now his third year of On Location coverage for Project Spurs and the Spurscast. Since the NBA has in effect banned bloggers from getting media credentials, Jeff, three years running now, has provided great coverage in the form of video, photos and sometimes podcasts for Spurs fans that have never experienced following the Spurs on the road and being a Spurs fan in “enemy territory.” He’s also paid for all of the game tickets and travel to Philadelphia and Boston out of his own pocket, so if you want to buy him a beverage for his next on location game or sponsor one or all games for next season, email michael@projectspurs.com and I’ll get it all set up.