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It’s halftime and the Mavericks are ahead 51-45. I thought I’d post a few notes at the half before the third starts up.
First off, if there was any question if this was a rivalry, I think it’s been answered.The game got physical early with Josh Howard shoving Bruce Bowen down after Bowen stood over Howard who had fallen to the floor, according to Marv Albert and Steve Kerr. I don’t know if Bruce pushed him or what, but I played that part over and over, and if he did, it wasn’t much of a push, then Bowen stumbled over Howard and tried to regain his balance and moved on. I think it was more of Bowen getting under Howard’s skin and it getting the best of Howard. Bowen had been shutting him down on the defensive end before that series and continued to do so afterwards.
I really like what Francisco Elson brings to the table. I’ve been raving about him and the chance of having an athletic, mobile guy next to Duncan since the preseason. Fabricio Oberto didn’t do nearly as good a job on Dirk Nowitzki and couldn’t even catch a pass for an open dunk. Elson guarded Dirk Well and has already picked up a few points, boards and a block on Erick Dampier. If he’s not named the starting center soon, I’m starting a Free Elson rant.
Tony Parker has yet to show signs of his sprained right ankle and has played well when he’s been in the game. But Beno’s also done well, so hopefully, the coaches will limit Tony’s minutes in the second half so that ankle won’t be sore come tomorrow’s home opener against the Cavs. Of course, even on a broken ankle, I don’t think Tony would have much problem guarding Eric Snow.
Manu and Tim need to get going in the second half to give the Spurs a chance to win and the defense needs to get better as a whole to stop guys like Austin Croshere from doing what he did in the first half.
I’ll be back after the game with final thoughts and a short recap.

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