Spurs vs. Lakers Preview


The Spurs (17-4) will take on the Lakers (12-8) tonight as the Spurs hope to shake off the loss to the Warriors and not lose two games in a row for the first time this season.
For the Spurs, who have won 8 out of the last 10 road games against LA, they will likely not have the services of Duncan tonight, as he is still recovering from an ankle injury he got against the Blazers on Dec. 2. Still, the last time the Spurs faced the “F”akers, they didn’t need Duncan with Bruce Bowen shouldering the load on the offensive and defensive side when he had a season-high 23 points and helped hold Kobe Bryant to 18 points, securing the 107-92 win for the Spurs and the win allowed Phillip Jackson to insert his foot in his mouth with the infamous “Brokeback” comment.
Stepping in for Duncan has been Matt Bonner. Bonner had a strong performance off the bench against the Lakers, finishing with 15 points, and he led the Spurs with 25 points and 17 rebounds in the loss against the Warriors.
For the Spurs to win without Duncan, the guards needs to step it up like they did against the Jazz and the Chokers errrr I mean the Mavs. Both Parker and Manu had horrible games against the Warriors and this cannot happen again tonight. Spurs must find their shooting strokes as well.
For the “F”akers, Kobe “The Alleged Rapist” Bryant is coming off a 28-point effort to a 123-113 win over Golden State on Sunday night. That win was their third in a row so the Spurs cannot sleepwalk in this game tonight.
Also, Andrew Bynum has been playing well for the “F”akers this young season. He matched a career high with 20 points and also had 11 rebounds and five blocked shots versus the Warriors. Bynum is averaging 12.3 points, 10.5 rebounds and 2.6 blocks in nine games as a starter. Oberto and Elson must contain him seeing Duncan isn’t there to school the young kid.
Quick notes — Luke Walton is doubtful for the game due to an ankle injury he sustained in practice and Turiaf is back from injury for LA. For SA, Parker is a game time decision due to a pair of sore ankles.

Key matchup tonight: Bowen vs Bryant. Defense vs. offense. A guy who can stop a team’s best player vs. a guy who was accused of rape. Bowen must have a repeat performance against the “F”akers in order to secure a win tonight. Bruce usually has big games when he faces LA so expect much of the same.
If Parker and Duncan do not play tonight, it will be really tough for the Spurs to pull off the win. Expect the Spurs to lose tonight and have their first consecutive losses for the season.
Also, Chris Stromeyer is a loser. The child talk all sorts of smack in Fantasy League and got taken to school and came in 4th place. Still doesn’t recognize that I am the original champ and that he is the original loser.

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