Spurs vs. Knicks Recap: Post Game Q&A


The San Antonio Spurs took on the New York Knicks last night and pulled out the win. Final score 97-87.  Though the Spurs did get the win, there were some glaring issues in this game. Let’s move to the third quarter.

As usual the third quarter melt down. In the quarter, the Spurs committed eight turnovers (13 for the game) which allowed the Knicks to cut what was once a 15 point deficit to just seven points after three quarters.

Fortunately the Spurs were hitting their free-throws, hitting 9-10 from the charity stripe. This kept the Knicks at a distance as the teams headed into the fourth quarter.

The fourth quarter did not start off well for the Spurs. Knicks cut the Spurs lead down to one point as the Spurs could not get it going on either end of the court. Telling moment was mid-way through the fourth, Tim Duncan had the ball in the low block and the other Spurs were not moving. Duncan angrily yelled at someone to move, when Keith Bogans slashed to the basket for an easy lay-up.

Eventually the Spurs did get things on the right track as they outscored the Knicks 14-5 in the final 3:58 of the game.

For more on the game, I did a post-game Q&A with my NBA Bloguin Brother, LIVES, from Knicks Fanatics. To read my answers to Knicks Fanatics post game Q&A click HERE. Enjoy!

Knicks died by the three-point shot tonight shooting 2-17.  Care to explain why Mike D’Antoni did not go away from this?

Mike came to New York with the philosophy that any open shot is a good shot, especially if it can get you three points.  He was so enamored by it that he taught it to Jared Jeffries the defensive specialist who was turning into a main offensive option.  You have no idea how offensive that concept was.  Any way, D’Antoni has toned it down a bit since he started but he favors allowing shooters to shoot themselves back into their rhythm.  It doesn’t seem to matter whether it takes a quarter or a third of the season for them to regain it.

The Spurs struggled in the third quarter, committing eight turnovers and not shooting well from the field yet the Knicks did not capitalize. Care to explain?

No. Not really.  Actually the Knicks did take advantage of it by reducing the lead from 15 to 7 by the end of the quarter.   What more do you want from expiring contracts and a knee rehab project?

Your impressions on how the Knicks defended Tim Duncan and your impressions on the Spurs team overall.

The Knicks defended Duncan fairly well.  He holds the ball too long and forces it too much for my liking. He tied Blair with the most turnovers (3) on the team.  Lee did a decent job of keeping his wide body between him and the basket and Duncan did not abuse us with that spin move often.

 Manu Ginobli is da man.  The Spurs clearly have some nice young pieces and some other pieces they need to replace ASAP. Richard Jefferson is very likable but his game is not going to cut it for you guys unless he becomes a lot more aggressive in the paint on offense and defense.  He doesn’t have enough alpha dog in him.  Roger Mason reminds me of the athletic guys I play against in the Y — all movement, no results.  Hairston, Hill and Blair are very nice.  I also have a soft spot in my heart for McDyess who overcame so much after once being considered the hope for the Knicks.  However, the Spurs need some more size — either a nice draft pick, good free agent or a sweetheart deal like the Celtics (Kevin Garnett), Lakers (Pau Gasol) or Cavs (Antwan Jamison).  Maybe your boy in OakCity will give you Kevin Durant for Mason. (ROFLMAO — only it will never happen).

Time after time the Knicks settled for jumpers. Had to be frustrating.  

Asked and answered.  OK, it sucks, but we’re used to it now.  Just waiting for July 2011.

Was there anything positive for Knicks fans to take away from this game?

One game closer to the end of the season.  On second thought, Danilo was still showing more aggression although folks are still over selling his game. But his play matters since I am fairly sure he will be with the Knicks next year.


  • Manu Ginobili led the way for the Spurs with 28 points, six rebounds and five assists.
  • After a horrible game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Antonio McDyess scored 10 points and grabbed 12 rebounds.
  • Richard Jefferson and Roger Mason both had not-so-great nights. Jefferson finished with 0-2 shooting, seven rebounds, one steal and zero points in 17:55 minutes of play. Mason finished with 0-3 shooting, three rebounds, three assists, one turnover and zero points in 15:26 minutes of play.
  • Jefferson went scoreless for the first time since January 2006.
  • The Spurs bench scored 16 points for the game.
  • Tim Duncan with another solid night with 18 points and nine rebounds and Keith Bogans chipped in with 13 points and George Hill with 12 points.
  • Spurs didn’t hit a field goal for the final 5:35 of the third quarter.
  • Knicks have now lost seven straight games in San Antonio. Their last win was in 2003.  
  • Spurs record is now 37-25, they are seventh in the Western Conference, and will next face the Minnesota Timberwolves Friday night.

(Photos D. Clarke Evans/NBAE/Getty Images)