Spurs vs. Jazz (1/31/07) Live blog


First quarter
I’m looking forward to seeing Deron Williams and Parker go head to head. Williams, like Parker is a potential All-Star player for the West squad this year.
Spurs have to make sure they take this team seriously, even with the injuries. The Jazz still have several pieces that could play well against the Jazz including Kirilenko, Williams, Fisher and of course Mehmet Okur.
Barry starting his second game tonight. Let’s hope he rebounds and has a much better game than the 0-for
performance against the Lakers.
Luckily Jazz are missing shots because the Spurs are giving them way too much room on the perimeter. And there goes Okur to make them pay for it.
Game tied 12-12 and so far Okur is looking good for the Jazz while Parker and Duncan got rolling early.
Doesn’t look like the Jazz have an answer for Duncan with Boozer out.
Looks like Pop let Beno out of the dog house for a few minutes.
The way Timmy’s been blocking shots lately, I would love to see him pull a Deke and wave his finger. Can you imagine how nuts the Spurs crowd would get if Timmy ever did that.
Paul Milsap just came off the bench. Spurs need to watch him and not let him have the kind of night he’s capable of. Right on cue Milsap blocks Elson’s shot. He needs to put a dunk down with some authority next time or anybody could get a blog on that weak of a shot.
Milsap to the line for 3. Jazz up 20-17 to end the first quarter.
Second quarter
I wonder if Gordan Giricek is going to ask Manu out or something. Seems like it the way he was holding his hand right now. Nice hold Giricek.
Clank. Just another shot by Beno. Glad Parker’s back in.
Duncan back in the game and finally the Spurs are getting something going on offense.
Who or what possesed Rafael Araujo? Is it just me or does Giricek resemble Brent Barry a bit.
Spurs need to take care of this team before Utah get more confidence and goes on a big run. I might have to switch to American Idol if they don’t cut this crap out.
Barry with another 3. Spurs tie it up 35-35.
And another 3. No 0-for for for Barry tonight. And now Manu hits the three. If they can just take all of their shots from that corner.
Tony Parker is on fire and AK47 looks more like a water pistol to me.
Spurs close out the half and take a two-point lead over the Jazz 47-45.
Tony Parker already has 13 points and 6 assists. He’s much better when he’s playing his game and able to drive and dish. In the second half, the Spurs need to work on the offensive boards. If the can sustain the way they played at the end of the half into the second half and outrebound the Jazz, the Spurs should be able to walk away from Salt Lake City with a 2-0 record for the Rodeo Road Trip so far. It would be nice if they put some distance between themselves and the Jazz so Tim, Tony and Manu can get some rest for tomorrow’s big game against the Suns.
3rd quarter
How many times do I have to see Williams come off that screen and hit the open “j”.
Terrible start for the Spurs coming out of halftime. Would be nice if they could hit open shots and pick up some boards.
Barry starting to go cold while the Jazz heat up.
My boy Jacque Vaughn in the game. Okur hits a wide open three, Jazz up 61 to 49.
The Jazz are simply outplaying the Spurs and outhustling them. I wish the Spurs had the attitude that they needed ths game. If they lose this game against a Jazz team without Boozer, it doesn’t give me much hope agains a healthy Suns team.
40-23 rebounding advantage for Utah. Damn, this is getting painful. Nice block for Milsap on Manu.
Damnit. Some f–ing effort and playing like you have a pair would be nice Spurs. Paul Milsap is outplaying this entire team.
Fourth quarter
Spurs are lucky to even be within 6. The Jazz should be routing them. Pop, sure you don’t want to make a trade.
Lead down to 4. Elson sure loves the floors in Salt Lake.
Parker needs some help, badly. But at least he showed up. There’s still some hope, but Timmy needs to come in and put a hurtin’ on the Jazz.
TIMMY’S BACK IN!!! but he doesn’t look very excited.
Spurs get it down to 2 and then the Spurs decide to turn it over twice. Great timing.
What do you know, another offensive board by the Jazz and another. How many second chance points are the Spurs going to give them.
Who needs Boozer when Milsap is playing like an All-Star.
Two straight threes by Parker to tie the game. But there goes Milsap..the Spurs may want to think about doubling this guy…he’s everywhere.
1pt lead on a 3 by Bowen. We’l see if they can keep it. Nope, Deron Williams nails a 3.
What an acting job by Okur on that three. You’d think Parker was the worlds strongest man the way Okur crumbled to the floor. You’d think Jesus just bitch slapped Okur. But it’s the Spurs fault for terrible defensive rotations.
Okur off the screen and the 3. Spurs deserve to lose this game the way they’ve played, excluding Tony.
Spurs have 12 seconds and need a 3 to force overtime.
Jazz win 97-93. Great game played by the Jazz. Wish I could say the same for the Spurs. Jazz definitely wanted this one more and deserved it. 1-1 record for the Spurs on the Rodeo Road Trip and it doesn’t get any easier as they take on the Suns in Phoenix tomorrow.

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