Spurs vs. Hornets Live Blog


1st Quarter:
The Spurs are making it look easy here in the first quarter. So much for any rust on the second night of a back-to-back. The Hornets are looking bad in front of their home crowd in New Orleans as the Spurs score easy basket with smart basketball and moving the ball around.
I love watching Tony Parker and Chris Paul go head to head. That’s a matchup that’s going to be fun to watch for years. I can see it being similar to Nash vs. Kidd right now.
Desmond Mason has been doing great for the Hornets as of late and it looks like he’s trying to lead the Hornets on a run to close the gap. The Hornets ended up getting within 7 to end the first quarter 29-22.
2nd Quarter:
Bonner getting some early playing time and Finley hitting his first two shots. Did someone change the basketballs back early in New Orleans?
More of the same in the second quarter. Dick Stockton just said every player that has come into the game has scored. Tony Parker got a little more than points in the first half so far. He got an earful from Pop as well.
The second quarter ends 53-42. Let’s just hope the Spurs don’t get complacent and take the rest of the night off. Manu says moving the ball and shooting a high percentage from three-point land has been the main reason for the Spurs early success. I wonder if he’s done enough in the first half for a Ginobili! from Barkley during halftime.
My posts may be a little weak tonight. My undiagnosed ADD is getting the best of me. My macbook came in yesterday, and I’m watching the game, writing, surfing and screwing around with Google Earth all at the same time. I’ll try to pay more attention to the game in the second half. By the way looks like we got the GINOBILI! after all. Let’s see if I can predict a little more than that. I’m predicting a 109-98 win with Manu leading all scorers with 23 points. And if I end up looking like an ass with these predictions, I’ll just come in here and edit them to make them look more respectable.
3rd Quarter:
The offense continues to look great and points are coming easy. Give and go to Tony, alley-oop to Tony and Manu making his defender look like a fool. I’d like to see them make things look just as easy on the other end of the floor and finish this team off this quarter without a glimmer of hope in the fourth.
Tony already has 18 points. Should I edit my leading scorer prediction now or wait to see what Manu does in the 4th? Cedric Simmons looks really good for the Hornets and he’s been able to get some early 3rd quarter points relatively easily, while most of the Hornets have been off.
Chris Paul is having a hell of a time scoring. Just when he gets passed Elson and gets ready to try and score a layup over Duncan, Elson comes in to swat the ball away.
Ok, Manu has 21 and Tony has 19 points. Pop has to have someone reading this on the sidelines. Bench Parker, let Manu score another deuce off a crossover dribble into the lane and he’s got 23. Then bench him too.
Tony and Chris Paul are wearing brand new shoes tonight. Thanks for the incredible insider info and insight DA. Is this TNT broadcast team putting anyone else to sleep. They sound like they’re calling water polo at the Senior’s Center instead of an NBA game. Marv Albert and Steve Kerr could probably make a blowout sound a little more exciting.
The third quarter ends 85-62 and Brent Barry is 0-3 from the three-point line. Should someone start the trade talks now or should we let him redeem himself in the 4th. Maybe Pop should leave him in New Orleans tonight. After all, it was almost his home and I bet he shoots 100 percent during the next game vs. Philly.
4th Quarter:
Great job by Fin bricking the first two shots of the fourth to offset the first two he made in the first. Let’s add an airball to that count. Pop needs to go four-down with Bonner. He’s doing a decent job and doesn’t look like a kid who lost his puppy out there. Seven points, three boards and two steals in 10 minutes of work isn’t bad at all.
Side note: Gilbert Arenas should really get an acting coach before he does another Adidas commercial.
Ok, I actually like Aldridge. Maybe he’s just running a little low on a blowout night, but his second bit of insight for the night is a quote from Horry we heard about what, a month ago.
Someone get Jacque Vaughn the ball so everyone can get on the board tonight…well he got the ball but put up a Fugly shot.
The Spurs get the win 103-77 tonight. Looks like I was way off with my final score prediction, but Manu did end up leading the team with 24, not 23 points. Tony also played well tonight with 19 points and 8 rebounds to Chris Paul’s 6 points and 12 assists on 2-11 from the field. Maybe it was the new shoes. Luckily he’s on Jeff’s fantasy roster and not mine, at least for tonight.
The Spurs improve to 18-6 on the season and will play the 76ers without an Answer on Saturday at home. It was a good night for the Spurs and I was impressed that they were able to build a lead early and keep it the entire night. It’s always easy to let up and let a young team get on a scoring run and close the gap, but they were able to keep Paul and the Hornets in check the entire night. Hopefully my next live blog will be a little more eventful and actually be a close game.
-Michael A. De Leon