Spurs vs Grizzlies Game Preview


What a beginning of the new NBA season for the Spurs. The 2007 banner was raised, championship rings were passed out, Duncan signed an extension, the Spurs won their first game against the Blazers and weak ass Beno Udrih is gone from the Spurs organization! How sweet it is to be a Spurs fan right now.With that being said, the Spurs hope to continue their five game winning streak (4 game sweep of the Cavs in the Finals and last night’s win) tonight when they travel to Memphis for their first road game of the 2007-2008 season.
Spurs will look for a 2-0 start and look to start off with a win on the road to set the tone for road games this year. Last year the Spurs went 27-14 on the road and went 3-1 against the Grizz.
For the Grizz, they star Pau Gasol who has been disgruntled in Memphis after a rough season. Trade rumors were flying all over NBA nation but nothing happened. But this year they added Darko and Juan Carlos Navarro, which should make them more competitive but won’t survive in the powerful Western Conference.
The Grizz went 14-27 on their home court last year so let’s hope the Spurs crush any attempt for the Grizz to have a nice home opener.
Key match-up is Duncan vs. Gasol. Believe it or not, Gasol posts similar numbers to Duncan. Gasol averaged 20.8 points, and 9.9 boards last season. Compare that to Duncan’s 20 points and 10.6 rebounds from last year. If Gasol is smart, he will involve his teammates immediately and the coaching staff should have Darko cover Duncan in order for Gasol to not get into early foul trouble.
Expect a good game but in the end the Spurs should be 2-0 to start the new season.

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