Spurs vs. Clippers Live Blog


I’m calling this a semi-live blog because it won’t be updated as much throughout the game as the other live blogs.
The Spurs are going or 13 straight against the Clips tonight.
First Quarter
The Clips got an early run, but the Spurs ended that quick, closing the gap and getting a 1-pt lead.
The current Western Conference Player of the Week, Manu Ginobili just subbed in, sporting a new haircut.
Sam Cassell is not playing tonight so Jason Hart is starting and doing a good job. Sometimes I wish the Spurs never lost Hart to the expansion draft.
7 first quarter points for Manu off the bench.
Clippers end the first quarter on top 22-21.
Second Quarter
Does Oberto practice those quick catch and release shots while in the air?
Ohhhhh…. sweet shot by Finley after the pump fake to get Mobley in the air and hit the 3 while the shot clock expires.
Technical on Elson. I went back and replayed it on my tivo and I don’t see it at all. If anything, it’s very minor.
Clippers keep the single coverage on Duncan. Duncan keeps scoring.
Hart, I love ya man, but keep the modeling poses off the basketball court.
The Spurs are playing great defense tonight. Something I’m glad I don’t have to keep bitching about on the Spurscast.
Spurs close out the half up by ten points 50-40.
Third Quarter
Pop calls a quick timeout after Clips score four early points in the first minute of the second half.
Smoooooth Timmy lays it in through traffic…and the foul
Where are you Sean Elliott? This color guy, whoever he is, really doesn’t cut it for me.
Add Maggette to the list of high-glyers that have dunked over Duncan.
CMaggs has had quite a streak of good games since he’s been getting consistent minutes. Haven’t seen this much from him all season. Can’t let this guy keep going at this pace.
Maggette hasn’t played a lot this season compared to the past, but this game is enough for him to be considered for an Oscar nomination.
Spurs really need Manu or Tony to take over to put some distance between the two teams.
It’s Manu time. How he makes those shots is beyond me.
Love the passion Fin is playing with right now. He wasn’t about to give up that ball without a fight.
72-61 at the end of the third.
Fourth Quarter
No goal tending on Tim Thomas. That ball looked like it was coming down to me.
The refs need to wake the hell up. 3 fouls on Duncan this early in the 3rd. And now no charge on Ewing. You can cal me a homer if you want, but I saw that play over 3 times. Manu was clearly established and had position when Ewing charged into him.
Bonner for 2!!! Yea, I said 2, but the Spurs needed it.
The defense on Elton Brand has been pretty solid tonight. Elson and Oberto have done a decent job on him.
Manu for 3!!!!!! 71-61 Spurs. Thats the player of the week for ya.
Great defensive play by Barry for the steal which leads to a Parker layup. 85-74 Spurs. Wow! Another lockdown defensive play by Barry,
Thomas was the wrong player to leave open for a 3.
Parker is on fire. He’s leading this Spurs run. Good defense down the stretch as well. Spurs have an 88-78 lead with two minutes left.
Bowen’s two free throws look to cement it. I can’t see the Clippers making a 10-0 run with 35 seconds left.
Spurs win their 13th straight with a 93-84 win over the Clippers. Tony Parker is my MVP for the night with 25 points, five rebounds and four assists. The Heat also beat the Jazz tonight, which pushes the Jazz two and a half games behind the Spurs.
The Spurs will look for their 14th win against the Milwaukee Bicks on Thursday night.

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