Spurs vs. Clippers Game Day Q & A: Peter Kim of The No Look Pass


For tonight’s Spurs game against the Los Angeles Clippers, who else to turn to for everything Clippers than Peter Kim of The No Look Pass. Yes the Clippers actually have fans!

Peter gives us some insight into the Clippers and what Spurs fans should look out for tonight.  Please visit The No Look Pass for all your information on not only the Clippers but the Los Angeles Lakers and their homage to obscure NBA players.

1. Chris Kaman started off strong for the Clippers and actually won an NBA Western Conference Player of the Week award this season. He had a drop off recently but with the Spurs not having great centers, what can the Spurs expect out of him in tonight’s game?

Kaman played extremely well at the start of the season but was recently diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency which was the likely reason for his significant drop off in production. He hasn’t returned to form just yet but the Spurs can expect Kaman to touch the ball quite a bit. We’re uncertain which version of Kaman we’ll see in the game but if the productive Kaman comes to play, we can expect some decisive moves in the post, midrange shots as well as successful passes out from double teams.

2. What is the prognosis on Blake Griffin? When can Clippers fans expect him back?

Blake Griffin is scheduled to have X-rays performed on or around the 16th of December. Recently we’ve heard word that we’re likely to see him around early to mid January. It’s unfortunate that he is unable to play against the Spurs considering that he played well against them in the preseason, scoring 23 points with no turnovers.

3. What do you see as the key matchup in this game?

The point guard matchup will be the key matchup of the game. The Clippers have difficulty defending quick guards. They will have their hands full trying to contain Tony Parker who was able to get to any spot on the court he wanted during his 17 minutes of playing time during their final matchup last season. The Spurs will have to keep an eye on Baron Davis who has been successful attacking the basket recently.  

4. Seems the Clippers tend to head into the fourth quarter and lose any lead they have. Care to explain?

The Clippers look to score early points in transition in the first half which results in easy baskets. Mike Dunleavy Sr. tends to run a slower offense in the 4th quarter which consists of isolation plays for Chris Kaman who admitted feeling fatigued in 4th quarters as a result of his vitamin deficiency.  Teams make their adjustments defensively and ultimately are able to execute down the stretch much better than the Clippers.

5. With Eric Gordon back from injury, what can the Spurs expect out of him out on the court?

The Spurs will definitely have a difficult time keeping Eric Gordon’s production to a minimum.They can expect him to attack the basket and stretch the floor with his outstanding three-point shooting ability.

Predict the final score:
101-92 Spurs