Spurs vs. Cavs X Factors


We can talk about match-ups, who guards who, etc. What this series comes down to what may not appear on paper. I’ll give you my “X” factors for both the Cavs and Spurs.
Spurs: Experience. Period! Spurs have many player who have been to the Finals before. Duncan, Parker, Manu, Horry, Vaughn, Barry, Bowen, Coach Pop the list goes on and on. This championship experience will be key if the Spurs are to win the series. Cavs have only one player who has been to the Finals, Eric Snow. Spurs will need to sum up all their experience in title series, use this as a weapon against the young and inexperienced Cavs to win thier fourth title.
Cavs: Coach Brown. Yea you heard me, Mike Brown. He is a former ex-assistant coach for Coach Pop and knows how the Spurs operate. He will expose any weaknesses in the Spurs machine and is ready to show the student is ready to beat the mentor. Remember, Brown was a part of the Spurs 2005 Finals team and knows what is needed from his players to win at this level. He will impart this knowledge onto Lebron and company to try to pull a huge upset in the 2007 Finals.

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