Spurs vs Cavs Game 2 — Halftime report


In a word, MASSACRE!
The Spurs are showing the Cavs how basketball is supposed to be played and are holding a 25 point lead at the half.
It’s been all Spurs. They are getting the rebounds, hitting their outside shots, and the ball is basically bouncing their way. The big three of Manu, Parker, and Duncan are leading the way by scoring 43 points for the Spurs. Basically, those three Spurs are out scoring the entire Cavs team. Horry seemed to have came in to play today with block shots, hustle plays, rebounds, and overall intensity.
As for the pathetic Cavs, “Joker” James sat early with foul trouble and has been otherwise ineffective. He even chucked up an airball at the free throw line where every Spurs fan in the arena had a collective laugh. As suspected, the Cavs are daring Parker to shoot and he is hitting the shots. Eric Snow has been getting more time on the court to attempt to slow down Parker and guess what. . . it’s not working!
Halftime score Spurs 58, Cavs 33.
Stayed tuned for more reports!