Spurs vs. 76ers Recap


After picking up their first win on the road against the Houston Rockets, the Spurs are currently on a four game winning streak.  Tonight they hosted the Philadelphia 76ers. Roger Mason was still out of the lineup with an injury but Manu Ginobili was back in action.

Not only that, after the game it is was a David Robinson tribute night.  Look for Mike to provide some exclusive content on David’s tribute in San Antonio later this week.

So how did the Spurs do?  Here is how it went down in San Antonio.

First Quarter:

The Spurs started with Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Antonio McDyess, Richard Jefferson, and Keith Bogans.

Spurs won the tap and RJ immediately turned the ball over. Then the the ball was stripped from Duncan and Bogans lost control of the ball.  Aggravating to see as a Spurs fan.

Keith Bogans showed his three point shooting by getting the Spurs on the board with a corner three but in the next Spurs possession, Parker turned the ball over in the paint. Got to give it to Philly on the defensive end.  They were scrapping at the ball to cause those Spurs turnovers.

RJ then knocked down a three and the Spurs went on a 11-0 run and early in the first quarter it was 14-5 Spurs leading.

After a timeout Parker threw a beautiful pass to Duncan in the paint for an easy layup.  However after the hot start for the Spurs, the 76ers cut into the Spurs lead and at the 2:50 point it was Spurs 18, 76ers 14.

And what was great to see late in the first, Manu Ginobili checked in for the first time after missing five games for the Spurs.   After a Ginobili turnover, at the 1:13 point it was tied 20-20.

Leave it to Matt Bonner to break the tie after he showed off his “footwork” for a nice in the paint layup.  Think the 76ers coaching staff scouted for Bonner’s “skills” other than three-point shooting?

At the end of the first it was Spurs 25, 76ers 23.

Second Quarter:

The Spurs started off with DeJuan Blair, Matt Bonner, Mike Finley, Manu Ginobili and George Hill.

Again turnovers were killing the Spurs and early on in the second quarter as they had seven for the game at this point.  Because of this, the 76ers took a one point lead but Finely hit a three to take the lead back from Philadelphia.

Finley hit another three to stop any momentum Philly was gaining and Blair showed off his hops with a block on 76ers’ Smith and fought for a rebound for a nice dunk.

Finley hit another three and the Spurs were leading by seven, 38-31, at the 7:53 point of the quarter.

How bad ass is Blair?  He battled in the paint for a board, was getting bumped around and still grabbed the rebound for an “and 1.”  He was wearing down the 76ers and continued to show his blocking skills with another monster block on a Philadelphia dunk attempt.

At the 5:59 point it was Spurs 41, 76ers 31.

The Spurs continued to turnover the ball and were just giving Philly more opportunities to cut in the lead.  This led to a 10-0 run by the 76ers which led to the game being tied at 43 at the 2:48 point.

Got to give it to Philly again. They were playing the passing lanes and crowding the paint causing the Spurs turnovers.

However, Tony Parker scored eight quick points, Malik Hairston hit a shot and Bonner hit a three and the Spurs took the lead back from Philly.

Halftime it was Spurs 54, 76ers 45.

Third Quarter:

The Spurs started with Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Richard Jefferson, Antonio McDyess, and Keith Bogans.

Spurs started off slow but they maintained the lead over Philly and at the 7:58 point it was Spurs 60, 76’ers 51.

Though the Spurs didn’t look sharp, it was Duncan to steady the Spurs. Hitting shots in the paint and blocking shots.

At the 2:51 point of the quarter it was Spurs 70, 76ers 63.

Blair checked in and immediately started to grab rebounds helping the Spurs regain the momentum.  Matt Bonner chipped in with a three, Manu hit a three, and Parker hit a layup in the paint.

The Spurs went on a 10-2 run to close the third and at end of the quarter it was Spurs 80, 76ers 70.

Fourth Quarter:

The Spurs started off with Mike Finley, George Hill, DeJuan Blair, Matt Bonner, and Manu Ginobili.

So how does Manu start the quarter? Just blocked a Philly player’s shot. Nice to see he is looking aggressive on the floor.

Speaking of aggressive, Blair once again showed his worth to this team by blocking his third shot of the night on Jason Kapono and hit a layup in the paint from a nice assist from Manu.

At the 9:02 point in the quarter it was Spurs 85, 76ers 74.

Turnovers kept killing the Spurs chances at putting away the 76ers in the quarter and RJ was not looking good at all in the game. Missing shots at the rim and bricking shot attempts.

At the 4:46 point of the quarter it was Spurs 89, 76ers 82.

Spurs just kept giving Philly life.  Turnovers!!!! As a Spurs fan you want to see them put away a team early and take care of the ball but at the 1:04 point of the quarter it was Spurs 95, 76’ers 87.

Final score Spurs 97, 76ers 89.  Spurs on a five game winning streak and will take on the Boston Celtics on Thursday in San Antonio. Spurs record is now 9-6.

Shiny Spur Award — Tim Duncan
Rusty Spur Award — Antonio McDyess

Notes & Thoughts:

  • Blair was just impressive.  Blocking shots, grabbing boards, and finishing at the rim. He had a double-double (11 points and 10 rebounds) and just brought energy to the Spurs when he was on the court.
  • Though Parker did not score in the first quarter, he ended up finishing with 16 points.
  • Tim Duncan led the way for the Spurs with 22 points, six rebounds, and three blocked shots.
  • Finley had a nice quiet game and finished with 11 points.
  • McDyess had a game he would like to forget. After having a double-double against the Rockets, he did not score at all in the game but did have two rebounds.
  • The bench overall was just impressive tonight.  They outscored the starters 49 to 48.
  • For as much as Matt Bonner gets poked fun of by Spurs fans, again he was key for the Spurs win tonight.  Hitting three point shots and ended up with 16 points.
  • Manu Ginobili did look rusty tonight but got to love seeing he was aggressive on the court, setting up guys for easy scores and hit some shots for the Spurs.
  • Richard Jefferson just did not look good at all tonight.  Missing easy shots at the rim and couldn’t get into some offensive flow.
  • Turnovers!  The Spurs committed 18 turnovers tonight.  This is just unacceptable.