Spurs v. Bulls Recap


It was the first road game for the Spurs in the 2009-2010 NBA season but it was also their first back-to-back game after beating the Hornets yesterday in San Antonio.

The Spurs traveled to Chicago to face the Bulls and here is how it went down.

First Quarter:

The Spurs started with Duncan, Bonner, Finley, Parker and Jefferson while the Bulls countered with Rose, Noah, Salmons, Deng and Thomas.  Again I am still wondering why Pop is going to Bonner with the starting unit.  More than likely it’s be because he can spread the floor with his outside shooting.

Just as in the Hornets game, the Spurs started off slow and the Bulls came out with an 8-2 run. Richard Jefferson was attacking the rim but missed his first three shots.  The Spurs did come back with a 6-0 run to keep the game close.

The feel of the game was fast-paced which does not work in the Spurs favor and the team’s energy level was low and defense was sub-par.

At the end of the first quarter it was 23-22 Spurs.

Second Quarter:

Spurs rookie, DeJuan Blair, picked up quick fouls and was pulled out of the game.  Again we saw RJ attacking the rim but just was not hitting his outside shot and early in the second quarter it was 24-29 Bulls.

Though leading the Bulls didn’t hit from the field for three minutes but at the same time the Spurs were not helping themselves.  Spurs were not grabbing defensive rebounds, energy was low and this was allowing the Bulls to stay in the game.

Rose was getting into the rim, Noah was bringing energy and hustle for the Bulls and rookie Taj Gibson was grabbing offensive boards for the Bulls.  So what were the Spurs doing?  They committed seven turnovers including three straight.

The Bulls were out boarding the Spurs on the offensive glass, bringing the energy, and ended up scoring 19 points on second chance points.

However the Spurs did go on an 8-0 run in the waning moments of the second quarter but Kurt Hinrich hit a three at he end of the first half, allowing the Bulls to take the lead at the half, 47-46 Bulls.

The Spurs did not take advantage of TD in the paint, shot 50% and allowed the Bulls to out board them, 10-1, on the offensive glass.  You know Pop blasted the Spurs at the half.

Third Quarter:

The Spurs started going to Duncan early and it paid off.  Noah was playing soft defense and TD went to the glass often.  Still the Spurs were not showing energy, hustle and at the 6:45 point of the third, the Bulls were up 58-52.

The Bulls then went on a 14-4 run and again the Spurs looked flat.  The Bulls did a great job at taking away the 3-point shot from the Spurs, forcing them to hit their mid-range shots which they were not hitting.

Again, second chance points favored the Bulls, 21-6, and at the end of three it was 74-64 Bulls.

TD was doing his best to keep the Spurs in the game with 22 points, 3 blocks and 2 steals heading into the fourth but the Spurs committed 10 turnovers.

Fourth Quarter:

Spurs started with Hill, Blair, RJ, McDyess, and Mason.

Spurs started 1-6 from the field and that speaks volumes.  They looked slow, were not making the extra pass, and no one was getting it going for the Spurs except for Duncan.

To make it worse, they died by the three tonight.  Spurs missed 14 straight three’s before Finley hit one midway through the fourth.

Could it get worse?  Yes it can.  Bulls missed six shots but the Spurs didn’t capitalize. Also Parker went scoreless in the second half.

End of game. Spurs lose to Bulls 92-85.  Spurs fall to 1-1.

Shiny Spur Award — Tim Duncan.

He kept the Spurs in it and  finished with 28 points and 16 rebounds.

Rusty Spur Award — Tony Parker.

All I have to say is he went scoreless in the second half.


  • This was a back-to-back game for the Spurs and could this have been a reason for their lack luster performance?
  • They started off slow to begin the game as they did against the Hornets.  This is something that cannot become a pattern.
  • Do we chalk this up to a lack of gelling?
  • You would think a team with Blair, Duncan, and McDyess would not get out boarded but they did, 52-44
  • Spurs went 4-21 from 3-point land

What are your thought on the Spurs loss against the Bulls?  Please leave us your comments.