Spurs Unveil 2 of 4 new Nike Jerseys

Via Spurs.com

Friday the San Antonio Spurs unveiled two of their four new Nike edition jerseys.

First, the Nike Icon edition jersey shows the Spurs’ classic black jersey the team usually wore for road games in the past, but with the new Nike look.

Via Spurs.com

Displayed in the photos are Spurs rookies Brandon Paul (#3) and Derrick White (#4). The Icon edition jersey can be seen October 2, when the Spurs play in Sacramento against the Kings for a preseason game.

The other jersey the Spurs unveiled is the Nike Association Edition jersey, which is made in the white traditional color the Spurs usually wear for home games, but with the new Nike design.

Via Spurs.com

This jersey can be seen for the first time October 6, when the Spurs host the Kings in a preseason game.

The Spurs will unveil two more Nike edition jerseys at a later date.


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