Spurs Unlikely to Make Changes


As we’ve already expressed, change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Quite the contrary, the right changes can lead to the kind of improvements every team wants. But I’ve come to trust Spurs management over the years; they tend to know what they’re doing. So when word comes down the wire that the Spurs are unlikely to alter their roster this offseason, it doesn’t cause me too much concern.
– They have already come to an agreement with veteran back up point guard Jacque Vaughn, worth $2.5 million for two years.
– It’s also being reported that center/forward Fabricio Oberto and the Spurs are all but agreed on a deal that should be worth around $10.5 million over three years, after Oberto opted out of his contract earlier this offseason.
– And forward Matt Bonner is even said to have agreed to a generous three-year, nine million dollar deal. Perhaps the “Red Rocket” should change his name to the “Green Rocket.”
With Oberto, Vaughn, and Bonner locked up for multiple seasons, that makes a clean sweep of the free agents the Spurs had to secure this offseason, with the exception of Melvin Ely, who was expected to go elsewhere to compete for more minutes.
Free Agents can’t officially sign until July 11th.

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