Spurs trying to trade Jefferson as well?


By now all San Antonio Spurs fans have heard the reports of the Spurs fielding offers for All-Star guard Tony Parker.

Well according to a Tweet from ESPN’s Marc Stein the Spurs also want to attach Richard Jefferson and his hefty contract in any Parker deal:

San Antonio, as I hear it, wants to attach Richard Jefferson to any Tony Parker deal.

This puts a whole new twist on any trade involving Parker. Jefferson is due over 9.2 million next season and increases to a staggering $11,046,000 as a player option in his final contract season in 2013-2014.

And with the way the CBA is in flux and more team owners trying to pinch pennies, I highly doubt Jefferson’s contract is an attractive option for the Sacramento Kings or Toronto Raptors.

If the Spurs want to deal Parker and get a high draft pick on Thursday,  they might want to reconsider adding Jefferson.