Spurs took a look at Georgetown’s Jason Clark


The San Antonio Spurs currently only have one pick in the upcoming draft and it’s the 59th one. Unless they make some trades, they’re not going to be making a lot of noise but with only 60 players selected in the draft, each pick matters, even the 59th.

San Antonio has a tradition of making quality picks, no matter their draft position, will that continue this year?

The Spurs worked out Jason Clark from Georgetown. The 6’2” guard led the Hoyas in scoring last year with 14 points a game. He played through his senior season at Georgetown and four years in the Big East will surely get you ready for the NBA.

He is a great scorer but I have a few reservations about his outside shooting. He only shot 32% from behind the arc last year and we saw this season how important the outside shot is for Spurs guards. Of course, people said the same thing about Kawhi Leonard last year, and he turned out just fine. In the times I saw him in college, I was impressed with his abilities but wasn’t quite sure if he had what it takes to make it in the NBA, I guess we’ll see.

Clark’s big focus at Georgetown was his offense, but at the next level, he’s ready to make adjustments.

“Playing defense, making hustle plays, knocking down open shots. I know my role is not going to be coming in and score, I know that,” Clark said. “Some guys don’t know that, but I know my role is going to be come in and compete. There is nobody that can out work me.”

We’ll see how well he impressed the Spurs, or any of the other teams he worked out with were in 2 weeks at the draft.