Spurs still being backed heavily, but expected to lose Game 7


All eyes will be on Game 7 of the NBA Finals tonight as America watches to see who finally comes out on top and wins the 2013 NBA Championship.

As we wrote about before the series started, the San Antonio Spurs were picked as favorites to win and dominated most of the county in ESPN's SportsNation polls for who voters were rooting for.

In their latest polls, the Spurs still have the support of a majority of the country, with 65 percent of the voters saying they are rooting for the Spurs, and Florida being the only state that has the Heat ahead in that category.

Things get a bit closer in the voting for which team will win Game 7, with the Heat having a 53 percent lead. In a separate vote with options for what the final score will be, a Spurs win took 44 percent of the vote, while the two other options for a Heat win make up 56 percent.

With Game 7 in Miami and history and Vegas on Miami's side, the Spurs obviously have a challenge ahead, but will go into one of the biggest games of their respective careers with a majority of fans on their side. When the ball is tipped tonight, neither fan polling nor Vegas odds will make any difference in the outcome, but if the Spurs secure their fifth championship, it'll be good to know most of the country will be celebrating along with Spurs nation.