Spurs’ Splitter having lawn maintenance issues


You know how annoying it is the week after it hails when people come knocking at your door or you come home after a long day only to have to tear down several hail damage repair door hangers to get into your door.

Apparently landscapers are quite quick in San Antonio Spurs forward Tiago Splitter’s neighborhood, according to this funny tweet yesterday.

Since NBA players are currently locked out, we thought we’d pitch in with a few instructions on how to repair the problem. Even instructions site WikiHow agrees that people should “cast off the yoke of overpriced landscapers, gather together courage and shovel, and fix it yourself.”

Luckily for Splitter, it’ll only take a few tools and some pvc pipe. And for any sprinkler repair companies reading this, no, we do not have Splitter’s phone number or address nor can we put you in contact with him.