Spurs sign Stoudamire


No, not Damon, Salim.
According to azstar.net, the Spurs have signed Salim Stoudamire, who has played for the Atlanta Hawks for the last three years.
During his tenure in Atlanta, Stoudamire averaged 8 points and one assist per game. He’s served mostly as a sharpshooter off the bench and he’ll likely do the same if he sticks with the Spurs.
It’s unsure whether this is just a non-guaranteed training camp signing, like the previous signings of Desmon Farmer, Devin Green and Darryl Watkins.
What worries me most about Stoudamire is his weight. He’s listed at 175, but appears very thin, likely due to his vegan diet.
The Spurs are also rumored to be interested in Juan Dixon, who just two seasons ago averaged 11 points per game for Toronto. Neither Dixon or Stoudamire are good enough ball-handlers to backup Tony Parker at the point, and George Hill has yet to be signed.
There will likely be a few more signings to fill out the training camp roster in the next couple of weeks.