Spurs Sign First Round Draft Pick George Hill aka NBA Draft Bust


The Spurs today signed George Hill, their first round pick 26th overall.  The deal is to pay Hill the rookie scale which is 1.22 million his first year and 1.31 million in his second year.  The Spurs hold the option in the next two years.   Frankly, the Spurs should hold the team option on a daily basis once the season starts because Hill has been a total piece of crap.  While in the summer league, this NBA bust went 0-16 in the span of two games and looked timid during time on the floor.  It got so bad for this waste of an NBA draft pick that he went back to his college to work on his shot even though he had a great field-goal percentage while at IUPUI.  Incredible huh?  The Spurs sure know how to pick them huh?The fact the Spurs took a while to sign this garbage should tell you something.