Spurs Set Their Eyes on Steph Curry 


The Golden State Warriors are the team to beat this time around, and one cannot deny the threat they pose. However, if the rumors coming out of the NBA corridors are to be believed, then the online NBA sportsbook odds might quickly turn against them, what with all the talk about the Spurs going hard after Steph Curry.

Now, there is nothing to suggest that these rumors are even true, to begin with; yet, it is worth considering what would happen if the San Antonio Spurs where to go hard after Stephen Curry next summer in Free Agency.

When the Warriors signed superstar Kevin Durant, they did not only take another step towards creating an unbeatable powerhouse team; rather, they also damaged one of the franchise’ biggest Western Conference Nemeses.

And if the rumors are to be believed, then another Western conference Rival will be doing the same thing to the Golden State warriors next summer, this not even taking into account all the talk about the San Antonio Spurs going hard after Steph Curry, the reigning most valuable player.

Kevin Durant’s entrance into the Golden State Warriors was a momentous event, and for good reason. Kevin Durant is a Superstar and, according to a number of reports, the San Antonio Spurs clearly believe that his presence leaves little room for Steph Curry to strut his stuff.

While an argument could be made about which of the two players stands superior to the other, there is no denying the fact that Durant will occupy a lot of the superstar space that Curry previously inhabited.

Once Steph Curry becomes a free agent, the Spurs will work towards representing his position with the Warriors in a whole new perspective, making an effort to show that Durant might have been brought in as a replacement, in which case, it might be in his best interests to find greener pastures elsewhere, specifically a team that will allow him to shine once more.

The Golden State Warriors drafted Steph Curry with their seventh overall pick in 2009. The 28-year-old will become a free agent for the very first time in his professional career next summer. A product of Davidson, Curry has proven himself to be quite an exceptional player, averaging 30.1 points, 6.7 assists, and 5.4 rebounds during the last regular NBA season.

Curry also led the Warriors to 73 record-breaking wins, this earning him his second MVP award.

Even before the rumors begun to emerge, everyone expected the Spurs to go after Curry the moment he became a free agent, which will happen next summer. There is no telling whether or not Curry will actually listen to the offers made.

However, if he does indeed provide a listening ear, then every organization of note is going to make every logical effort to acquire him. The fact that Curry is playing for less than half of his maximum salary might disillusion him, especially when players like Russell Westbrook are getting a maximum on their extension contracts.

Currently, Curry is the face of the Golden State Warriors. However, it is highly unlikely that the Warriors will offer him a salary raise anytime soon.


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