Spurs see rise in ticket sales for new season


Hopefully this is a positive sign that there's an economic upturn in the United States. The San Antonio Spurs have seen a rise in ticket sales for the new season about to kickoff tonight.

[T]he Spurs have sold more than 11,000 season tickets for the 2012-2013 campaign. The franchise hasn’t reached that mark since 2008 — before the U.S. economy hit rock bottom.

According to the report, the team has also seen a rise in sales (90%) of their luxury suites.

“A lot of markets have looked to change some of that suite space because they can’t sell it,” says Spurs Sports & Entertainment President Rick Pych.

Despite coming up short in the Western Conference Finals last season, this just shows Spurs fans are behind the team and willing to head to the AT&T Center to catch their favorite team in action. And why not? For many seasons, the team has put out a winning squad and have been in title contention giving fans reasons to fill the seats.

What about you Spurs fans? Have you bought tickets for any home games this season? What about season tickets?