Spurs Roundtable: Discussing reports of Kawhi Leonard trade request


News 4 San Antonio’s Jeff Garcia and Derek Machen are joined by Project Spurs’ Michael De Leon to discuss the latest reports that San Antonio Spurs forward has requested a trade.

The panel discusses how the Spurs and Leonard could have gotten to this point, potential trades and where the Spurs go from here.

Thanks to Jeff and News 4 for inviting Project Spurs to join the panel.


  1. The question is does he want to play for the Spurs when Pop leaves, more than likely 2020. So if there is any doubt in the front office that he will. Then trade him, really coaching wise, there are only a very few that are to even begin to compare with Pop. So go to Boston or Philly or the Clippers, even the Knicks would be cool for a good trade. Does he want to be in SA for the next 5 years and possibly 4 without Pop. If Pop is the issue, he is leaving anyway, probably by 2020 for the Olympic team. I see it the other way around, it is because Pop is leaving.

    • Good points Philip. I’m seeing 2020 as the year Pop retires as well. Doesn’t have anything left to prove, but will fulfill his Olympic obligation.

      • Sorry I meant “you” in the plural (meaning the speakers on the video).

        Anyway, the fact that Kawhi and Boogie Cousins are being mentioned in the same sentence is definitely not a good sign. Who saw that coming, right? But yes, we are here now and this is happening.

        Who would have thought that in the history of problematic Spurs, the list would be:

        1. Rodman
        2. Dejuan Blair
        3. Dwayne Schintzius
        4. Kawhi Leonard

        Sadly, Kawhi has to go. Im guessing the only thing Pop and Kawhi’s group are discussing is where to trade him because the Spurs will want something of good value in return.


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