Spurs, Rockets likely preseason scenario


TDAs the new 66-game NBA season has yet to become available to the public, some preseason games have been unveiled. According to Paul Coro of AZCentral.com, the Phoenix Suns will play the Denver Nuggets in the two-game preseason.

The preseason for each NBA team will be one home-and-home set with a close neighbor. With the Los Angeles teams facing each other, the Suns’ preseason opponent became Denver for two games on dates to be determined.

As you can see, games are being based on geography. If this is the case, then it’s going to be safe to assume that the San Antonio Spurs will be facing the Houston Rockets as their preseason opponent since Houston is closer than Dallas. Should this be the case, then the Spurs would play one game at home and one game in Houston.


As of right now, the Rockets’ three marquee players are Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, and newly acquired point guard Jonny Flynn but the Rockets are one of few teams who have cap room to sign a big named free agent like Nene or David West. 

For Manu Ginobili and Luis Scola, they’ll be freshly familiar with each other as they both just finished competing in the FIBA Americas tournament back in September after representing their country of Argentina.

Though you know all Spurs fans will want a crack at Dallas to remind them which NBA team rules Texas when it comes to championships.