Spurs resign Parker


After a long summer of being involved in trade rumors, the San Antonio Spurs have resigned guard Tony Parker to a multi-year deal according to Humberto Cervera of News 4 WOAI. No contract details were given.

On media day, Parker avoided the question of signing an extension or testing the free-agent waters. This should take any pressure off Parker and the Spurs regarding his future in San Antonio.


Parker’s contract extension is for 4-years $50 million and said the following regarding the extension:

“I didn’t mind playing through the year and be a free agent,” Parker said. “But it was my first option and for my wife was to stay in San Antonio.”

“It’s home here,” Parker said. “I love being with Pop. I love being with Timmy and Manu. I’m happy to keep the adventure going with them.” (source abcnews.go.com)