Names to Know in the 2022 NBA Draft: We’re Winging It

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It’s still way too early for San Antonio Spurs fans to be looking at the 2022 NBA Draft. Then again, there’s a chance you’ve already seen my early look at big men for 2022. If you enjoyed that, then you’ll enjoy this list of names too.

I have gathered six names to know when it comes to wings in next year’s NBA Draft. These guys are all likely first-rounders as of now and of course, some are expected to be lottery guys. Right in the Spurs’ wheelhouse, assuming they come close to their projected win/loss total that Vegas has for them.

A.J. Griffin

The Duke freshman measures at 6-foot-6 and weighs 222 pounds. He’s built like a linebacker and plays like it at times too. He loves to use his strength to get to the rim and he can guard three or four positions because of that power. He’s a surprisingly explosive athlete for someone that big. Thanks to father Adrian Griffin, he’s a smart player and understands how to control both ends of the court. He’s a lot like Keldon Johnson in how he defends, but could be a better offensive player down the road.

Bennedict Mathurin

The 6-foot-7, 195-pound wingman out of Arizona showed quite a bit last season. He’s a very good shooter — he shot 47.1% from the field and almost 42% from beyond the arc — who scores off-ball well to boot. He will have to show he can defend a little better to get more consideration, but the shooting will take him quite far.

Matthew Mayer

The reigning national champ clocks in at 6-foot-9 and 225 pounds. While you might think he belongs on our big man list, he plays more on the perimeter and so he gets to be put here. He can shoot the ball well from beyond the arc and showed some flashes of handling the ball on his own. He will be thrust into a much bigger role this season and the anticipation of that has him rocketing up boards.

Kendall Brown

The 6-foot-7, 205-pound Baylor freshman is one of the best and most explosive athletes in this draft class. He plays above the rim, can guard multiple positions, and is good off the ball. He only has a straight line drive right now, but he is a superb finisher at the rim. That should help him as he develops his handles further.

Allen Flanigan

The 6-foot-6, 215-pound junior out of Auburn will see his role expand even more this season. Most pundits believe that will directly affect how he gets drafted as he made a major jump from his freshman to sophomore season. Should he show improvement like that again this year, he will easily become a lottery pick. Flanigan could stand to improve his shooting beyond the arc, but he is a strong player who uses his strength to finish at the rim and through contact. He could potentially guard one through three on defense as well.

Peyton Watson

The 6-foot-6, 185-pound UCLA freshman went from unranked to a five-star recruit in his class in less than a year so he understands what it takes to improve his game. He will have to put on more weight and get stronger, but he has the long and wiry frame that has worked for many other players in the NBA. He can handle the ball, but can be loose with it at times and he will have to work on his shooting as well as shot selection while in LA.


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