Spurs Projected Draft Pick Embarrassed By Texas A&M-Corpus Christi in NCAA Tournament

Brandon Miller on the court
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Just before the start of March Madness, ESPN’s Jonathan Givony did a mock 2023 NBA draft. Givony had the San Antonio Spurs picking third, taking Alabama’s Brandon Miller. Miller was caught up in a controversy last month that had Spurs fans divided on whether or not he was worth selecting in the draft. Even former NBA great Jordan Crawford weighed in, saying the Spurs wouldn’t draft Miller. However, the NBA is a business based on creating successful teams, so if Miller is the best player available for the Spurs, you’d have to assume he will be selected. However, Texas A&M in Corpus Christi humiliatingly held Miller to ZERO points on the first day of the NCAA Tournament. Spurs’ Twitter went into a firestorm after the game, and we have the best of the fans’ reactions here!

Alabama vs Texas A&M-CC Recap

No thanks to Miller, Alabama won their first-round matchup against Texas A&M-CC 96-75. With 19 points, junior Nick Pringle was the Crimson Tide’s top scorer. Fellow junior Mark Sears, who scored 15 points, finished second to him. If you had to find a positive for Miller’s performance, I guess you could look at his five rebounds.

Since we’re a Spurs blog, I’ll give Texas A&M-CC senior Trey Tennyson his flowers for scoring 20 points in the loss.

Did Brandon Miller Fall Out Of The Top 10?

For someone who is projected to go third in the upcoming draft, this is a huge stumble for him. If his proximity to the tragic event involving his former teammates doesn’t drop his draft value, perhaps his poor performance in the NCAA tournament will. The Spurs are currently on pace to finish with the third-worst record in the NBA. Both the fans and Brian Wright are hoping for a top-three pick. If Miller can’t improve for the remainder of the tournament, he will likely drop out of the top ten. Miller recently moved up over Amen Thompson in the predicted draft order. But don’t expect things to stay that way.

Spurs Fans Lose Faith In Miller

For Spurs fans, Miller was someone who was arguably a top-two pick, but Spurs fans turned against him almost immediately after the game. “I’m sorry you can’t go scoreless in an opening game in the tournament against Texas A&M-Corpus Christi and then expect to solidify your spot at number 2 overall.” “We need dawgs at number 2, and Brandon Miller ain’t that,” one Spurs fan lamented. Another said,” Miller wtf bro I can’t be hyping u up and u go scoreless in the tourney”


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  1. You clearly didn’t watch the game at all. He didn’t even play the second half because he was nursing a groin injury. He played one half of basketball and only took 5 shots, not really sure how he got embarrassed, especially since his team won by 21. Maybe watch the game or do the slightest bit of research to realize he was injured and played less than 20 minutes before posting the most outrageous stuff like him falling outside the top 10. Nobody with a brain thinks playing with an injury for 19 minutes and not scoring is going to tank a players draft stock. Matt Lerma you are a casual.


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