Spurs players poised to breakout in 2018


Change has been the theme this offseason in San Antonio. The Spurs lost some legends, some players as well as acquired a few new ones. Now that the offseason has settled down and the roster is all but filled out, here are a few players that stand to breakout and have their role increase significantly this coming season.

Dejounte Murray (again)

Dejounte Murray has already had a breakout season of sorts on the defensive end. Last season he managed to break Kobe Bryant’s record and become the youngest player to be named to an all-defensive team.

Although he has already established himself as a force to be reckoned with defensively, Murray is not yet considered to be as much a threat offensively. Because of his still-developing jumper, he was often left wide open from beyond the arc and unable to make defenses pay.

Murray, however, has done a great job of identifying this and working tirelessly this offseason on his offensive game. Expect to see a much improved offensive game as Murray has been showcasing his new and improved jumper via social media and even a few appearances at the Crawsover Pro-Am.

Derrick White

Perhaps no one is poised to breakout this season more than Derrick White. With the losses of Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, the Spurs now are in need of someone to step in as the primary ballhandler for the second unit.

The Spurs still have Patty Mills and Bryn Forbes coming off the bench but both are at their best playing off ball and spotting up from deep. White has the all-around scoring and passing ability to fill Manu Ginobili’s role in coming off the bench and facilitating the offense.

Davis Bertans

In letting Kyle Anderson walk and signing Marco Belinelli, the Spurs have shown a that they are committed to spacing the floor. Although considered one of the key pieces to the defense last season, Anderson often clogged the paint due to his lack of shooting touch. With DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge operating in the mid-range, the Spurs will need a big that can space the floor and free up room for them to operate. Davis Bertans is a great shooter with a lightning fast release and sneaky athleticism and could see his role increase significantly this season as he fills the hole from Anderson’s absence.

Jakob Poeltl

Coming to San Antonio via the trade with Toronto, Jakob Poeltl has been overshadowed by the arrival of DeMar DeRozan. Poeltl was extremely efficient but only in limited time as he was behind Jonas Valanciunas in Toronto. Poeltl stands to see his role increase significantly as the Spurs are in desperate need of an athletic big man that can block shots and roll to the rim with force. Expect Jakob Poeltl to have a big impact relatively quickly similar to how Dewayne Dedmon had an instant impact in his lone year in San Antonio.


  1. Poeltl, assuming Pau still starts, will probably be our best backup big in the longest time. He is clearly better than all of these recent former backup bigs:

    Baynes (im referring to Baynes when he was a Spur. He is clearly much improved today in Boston).

  2. Who do you think our main backup guards will be?

    I just cant see a Mills and Marco tandem ever happening. I like vets, but this pair wont work.
    I really see White and Walker taking over the backup backcourt duty very soon.

    Mills, Forbes and Marco have very glaring flaws which almost make them unplayable (especially against top tier teams). Marco at the 3 in a small ball situation could work though (depending on who the opposing 3 is).


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