Spurs’ Parker to play in China?


Kobe Bryant has been reported to be in serious talks to take his talents to China during the NBA lockout, and according to Yahoo! Sports, San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker is also in serious talks to play with China:

San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker has been engaged in serious talks, too, sources tell Yahoo! Sports

Interesting but this is contrary to what Parker has said in the past about playing overseas during the lockout. Parker has stated in the past he would play in his home country of France should the lockout persist. But Parker and Bryant to have a close relationship and it’s not out of the realm of possibility these two player would want to team up.

However, China has been tinkering with legislation of limiting NBA players from playing in China during the lockout hoping to avoid players from leaving once the lockout ends.

Take it for what you will Spurs fans but I cannot see Parker landing in China. If anything, he would play for his home country seeing how France would insure him and give him an out-clause so he can return to the Spurs.