Spurs' Parker, France party hard despite 6th place finish in Olympics


The 2012 Olympic basketball tournament is over with Team U.S.A. leaving with gold. Heading into the tournament, Team France with San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker, and Boris Diaw was considered a strong medal contender but unfortunately, France came up way short and finished sixth overall.

But Team France's disappointing finish in London didn't stop the team from dropping a whopping $20,000 worth of alcohol at a London nightclub with the German women's volleyball squad.

It all went down at Chinawhite Nightclub in London … San Antonio Spurs studs Tony Parker and Boris Diaw rolled in with their French team Thursday night … a mere 24 hours after losing to Spain and sealing their elimination from medal contention.

Parker, Diaw and the rest of Team Frenchy popped multiple bottles of Cristal and a magnum-sized Veuve Clicquot … along with other effective libations.

And they didn't party alone … sources tell us several members of Germany's women's volleyball team were kickin' with the baskeballers.

But someone had to pay that gigantic bill and that "honor" fell to Diaw who is apparently one great tipper and left a $2,000 tip.

You know, you would think after TP's last experience at a nightclub (getting hit in the eye with glass which required surgery) would have taught him a lesson but apparently not. Then again, Chris Brown and Drake were not in the club so TP was in the clear.