Spurs’ Parker denies report he signed with ASVEL


San Antonio Spurs Tony Parker has had enough with reports of him signing with his team, French club ASVEL, due to the lockout and wants to make the record crystal clear:

“This is not true, I did not sign anything. Nothing is done. I am not involved with ASVEL during the lockout. There is insurance to pay and to date, the case has stalled because I am for France.”

Parker is denying a report that he has indeed agreed to play for ASVEL, the team he is part owner, during the lockout and states other issues will need to be sorted out before he can commit to ASVEL such as insurance and the fact he is currently representing France at Eurobasket 2011.

He did reiterate that ASVEL is his preferred destination should he play during the lockout. However, he wants the media to stop reporting anything otherwise because should he end up not with ASVEL due to insurance issues, there will be people in his home country quite disappointed.

Well in that case, you got it Parker. So stayed tuned Spurs fans as more information comes in.