Spurs owner Holt donates his money to honor Vietnam vets


While the NBA, its players, and owners argue over money and the new CBA, San Antonio Spurs owner Peter Holt took time to donate the largest private amount of money for the Education Center at The Wall to honor veterans killed in the Vietnam War:

Michael Heisley (Grizzlies) and Peter Holt (Spurs) have made the largest private donations for an $85 million project, Education Center at The Wall, to honor the 58,000 veterans killed during the Vietnam War, at the Washington, D.C., memorial. They need to raise more for a 2012 groundbreaking.

“We want to create an education center that puts faces to the names on that wall, but also help people understand as less and less people serve in the military what the military has done for the United States,” says Holt, a Vietnam vet who contributed $1 million and will match donations from Texas residents.

As mentioned in the report, Holt joined the U.S. Army  at 19, and did a tour in Vietnam. He earned a Silver Star and three Bronze Stars for valor and a Purple Heart for his wounds.

So as the rich argue over how to get richer, how refreshing is it to know Holt dipped into his own pocket to give back to fallen individuals who gave their lives for this country. Veterans who have done more for this country than any NBA player has done. Veterans who deserved NBA money for their ultimate sacrifice.

In the end, Holt deserves a standing ovation for not forgetting matters that really count in life. Holt made all Spurs fans throughout the world proud.

If you would like to donate to the Education Center at The Wall, click HERE.