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It’s been a while since our last blog, but now fresh off a server migration, I figured I’d throw some aftershave on this bad boy and freshen it up a bit. I’ll start with a few notes I’ve come across mining the internets. It is the offseason so don’t expect any of this to be completely new, but If you haven’t seen it, it’ll be new to you.
• Tony Parker and Boris Diaw to joing McGrady on NBA Live 07 cover
EA Sports announced its lineup of NBA stars at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, by selecting the Phoenix Suns’ Boris Diaw, Dallas Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki, Memphis Grizzlies’ Pau Gasol and the Spurs’ Tony Parker to join the Houston Rockets’ Tracy McGrady on the NBA LIVE 07 All-Star team, as worldwide cover athletes and spokespersons.
Parker will be on the cover in France for the second time, allthough this time he’s sharing the cover with good friend and contryman Boris Diaw.
In October EA SPORTS will also be a part of NBA Europe LIVE presented that will feature Diaw’s Suns, Parker’s Spurs, the Clippers and 76ers conducting training camps and competing against top European basketball clubs.
• Spurs current favorites to win ’07 title

From The Online Wire: The San Antonio Spurs are the current favorite to win the 2007 NBA Championship. The last four years have seen the Spurs alternate championships with early playoff exits.That being the case, they are “due” to win another trophy. Winners of three of the previous seven, and with their nucleus of Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan, and Anthony Parker still in their primes, it’s tough to say the oddsmakers made a mistake.

• Real GM ranked Manu Ginobili as the 9th best shooting guard in their recent rating of the Top 10 Shooting Guards of the NBA. Kobe Bryant is number 1 on the list while Steve Francis took number 10.

• A reader of Henry Abbot’s NBA blog, True Hoop compiles a nice chart showing the total nationally televised game of each team. It turns out 26 Spurs games will be on National TV next season including games on NBA TV.

•It looks like J.E. Skeets from one of my favorite podcasts, The Basketball Jones took a spin on Jeff Garcia’s Oberto Facts and came up with his Random Bruce Bowen Facts. This is a great list and they’re all pretty funny. Here are some of my favorites:

Bruce Bowen could take a charge from a paraplegic.
If Bruce Bowen really wanted to, Bruce Bowen could stop time.
If Bruce Bowen was in Indonesia, Bruce Bowen would have boxed-out the tsunami.
There are only three sure things in life: death, taxes, and Bruce Bowen shuttin’ you the fuck down.
The last person to score against Bruce Bowen is in the witness protection program.

He actually wrote this blog post in December, but I just recently found it. Go check out more Random Bruce Bowen Facts at J.E. Skeets’ blog.

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