Spurs news briefs: Spurs TV schedule, finances and Bonner’s secret to three-point shooting


• A dispute between Time Warner Cable and Sinclair Broadcasting Group over programming might affect San Antonio Spurs fans in San Antonio looking to catch a game on The CW if the dispute is not resolved by January 1, 2011:

The contract is set to expire Dec. 31, which could leave viewers without Fox shows such as “Glee,” “House” and the upcoming season of “American Idol.” Football fans could miss the start of the NFL playoffs and the end of the season, including the Dallas Cowboy’s last regular-season game set for Jan. 2 against the Philadelphia Eagles. San Antonio Spurs fans also could be affected, losing almost a dozen games that are broadcast on The CW after the start of the new year. (source Express News)

• With the NBA struggling financially and a possible lock-out looming, the Spurs organization seems to be staying afloat financially unlike most of the NBA franchises:

“This year, we’ll see a leveling to slightly up from last year,” said Rick Pych, president of business operations for the company that owns the Spurs and three other sports franchises.

The team does not expect to pay a luxury tax on its payroll like last year and believes its finances will improve in step with the city’s economic rebound, which has been stronger than most cities.

Pych said that the team is off to a strong start and optimistic about the future.

That’s not the outlook for all NBA teams. (source Express News)

• In the Spurs latest win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, Matt Bonner had a spectacular shooting night from the three-point line hitting 7-7. When asked what made him be so accurate from the three-point line, he credited a turkey sandwich!