Spurs news briefs: Jennings is upset, Manu is clutch, and more


• The Milwaukee Bucks had the San Antonio Spurs on the ropes until Manu Ginobili nailed the game-winning shot. Great for the Spurs. Heart-breaking for the Bucks. Here is what Bucks’ Brandon Jennings had to say about the loss via Twitter:

Man I’m piss, we had them dudes tonight. But I can say we are getting better, we know what we can do.

Is it me or is this music to Spurs fans’ ears?

• The Dallas Mavericks and the Spurs are close in the Western Conference standings and both can lay claim to having a 12 game winning streak. Though the Spurs hold the better record, Eddie Sefko of dallasnews.com says the Mavericks should not worry because the Spurs cannot keep up their winning ways:

The point is that the Spurs aren’t going to keep up their jackrabbit pace. It’s not going to require another 12-game winning streak for the Mavericks to pass them. Just keep winning the games you are supposed to and a few here and there that you’re not.

Need I remind Sefko it doesn’t matter how the two teams finish in the standings. The Spurs are a veteran squad and know what they have to do in the playoffs to reach their goal to advance and win an NBA title. Look at last season. The Mavericks had the better record and we all know what happened to the Mavericks when they faced the Spurs in the first-round.  

• ESPN’s Jalen Rose and Skip Bayless discussed the top five clutch players currently in the NBA and Ginobili made it but you may not agree where he ranked. Find out HERE.

• Well since we are on the topic of how clutch Ginobili is, let’s relive his game-winning shot against the Bucks one more time!


Wait there’s more!

What did Ginobili have to say about his game-winning shot? 

But did Manu travel on his game-winning shot?

• Believe it or not Spurs fans there are actually other NBA teams besides the Spurs. I know, shocking! If you need a quick glimpse of what else happened last night in the NBA, check out Express News’ Tim Griffin’s notes on games that went down besides the Spurs-Bucks matchup.

• And finally, here are some ideas on a Christmas gift for the die-hard Spurs fan.

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