Spurs news and notes: Spurs could join Mavericks, window closing, Spurs license plates, and more

  • Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski discusses how this San Antonio Spurs’ fall is occurring sooner than expected:

No one should declare the Spurs dead and gone because that franchise operates with too much pride, too much belief. Only, everyone’s eyes are telling them the story of this opening-round series. Yes, it’s jarring to watch a dynasty go down so suddenly, so hard.

  • ESPN’s Marc Stein discusses how the Spurs are on the verge of joining their in-state rivals in the history books:

The scenes from Duncan’s 35th birthday were surreal and borderline funereal for his Spurs, who nosedived from a halftime lead to a 104-86 trouncing in this Game 4 and now sit just one loss away from the shame of joining their longtime rivals from Dallas on the short list of No. 1 seeds to lose a best-of-seven series in the first round to a No. 8.

  • Buck Harvey reveals that the Spurs have been in this situation before, and how it is up to them to write their future:

Last year, before eliminating the Mavericks, the Spurs lost in Dallas by 22.

Against New Orleans in 2008, the Spurs lost on the road by 19, 18 and 22 — and won the series.

  • Express News’ Tim Griffin gives five thoughts on what could be the end of the Spurs as an NBA powerhouse.
  • Sebastian Pruiti brings out the frame by frame analysis of how the Spurs have gone away from their fastbreak three-point shooting formations.
  • Pruiti then shows how the Grizzlies defense has stopped the Spurs patented “kick out to open shooters” offensive scheme. 
  • Paul J. Webber discusses the Spurs’ window closing so unexpectedly:

The top-seeded Spurs are on the verge of elimination, just a month after Tim Duncan hoisting a fifth NBA championship trophy seemed within reach.

  • W. Scott Bailey of Bizjournals.com reveals how the Spurs are back to where they exited the playoffs last year.

In losing, Tim Duncan and company managed to look even older, slower and less athletic than they did a year ago, when the Spurs were swept in the second round by Phoenix.

  • Though yesterday was Tim Duncan’s birthday, he didn’t quite get the present he wanted writes Tim Griffin:

Duncan was limited to only six points in the Spurs’ 104-86 loss to Memphis. It marked one of only six single-digit scoring nights he’s had during a playoff career that has stretched for 174 games.

  • How about this Spurs fans driving in Texas, now you might have a chance to sport Texas license plates with the Spurs splashed all over them:

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is considering a proposal by its specialty license plate vendor to approve an official San Antonio Spurs plate.

If approved by the state, the new Spurs plate would likely go on sale in the fall.

Since November 2009, Texans have ordered more than 45,000 My Plates. This has resulted in more than $4.2 million being put in the state’s general revenue fund.

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