Spurs news and notes: Spurs get respect, fun with Duncan, and more


• The San Antonio Spurs have maintained their status as the best team in the NBA and it seems they are finally getting the respect they deserve:

While we’ve all been busy jumping on, off, and back on the Miami Heat bandwagon with one eye on the Carmelo Anthony saga, something strange and different — yet not very new at all — has defined the first half of the 2010-11 NBA season.

It’s a team with a core and philosophy that’s been plugging along for more than a decade now, just winning games, and more than occasionally, championships. They’re not interesting or controversial, and hardly ever lead the Hoopshype rumors page. They’re just good.

Better than everybody else, in fact. They’re the San Antonio Spurs. (source cbssports.com)

• Express News’ Tim Griffin looks at the historical counterparts to the Spurs’ Big Three of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili

• If you happen to be in California, former Spur Bruce Bowen will be at his alma mater, Cal State Fullerton, to give a speech:

Former Cal State Fullerton star Bruce Bowen, a three-time NBA champion with the San Antonio Spurs, will speak at Saturday’s Titan Hoop Club Chalk Talk before the CSF-UC Santa Barbara hoop game at Titan Gym. Admission is free. Event starts at 4 p.m. in the University Village dining hall (Yorba Linda Boulevard and Oxford Avenue). Bowen is in his second year as an ESPN basketball commentator. (source ocregister.com)

• The Onion once again has fun with Tim Duncan:

Spurs center Tim Duncan confirmed Monday that since he had not put off answering e-mails once during the entire year, 2010 would mark the fifth consecutive year he had held true to his New Year’s resolution. “In 2006, I vowed to cut down on the sodium in my diet, and in 2007, I promised myself I would win another NBA championship and finally visit Denmark,” said Duncan, adding that 2009’s resolution to “loosen up and have more fun” was achieved by auditing a sociology course at the University of Texas at San Antonio. “2008 was hard, but on Dec. 31, I finally built up enough courage to talk to [AT&T Center concession-stand worker] Erin [Matthews].” This year, the 12-time All-Star has resolved to start cooking for himself more and to put more thought into the gifts he gives. (source onionsportsnetwork.com)