Spurs news and notes: Spurs bonding, McDyess on dining, and more


• Seems being away from home on the Rodeo Road Trip allows for some team bonding for the San Antonio Spurs:

 • Speaking of the Spurs’ Rodeo Road Trip, Antonio McDyess knows all about dining on the road:

McDyess said that landing late at night into a city and finding food isn’t always so easy. “It’s always tough,” said McDyess. “You don’t know when to go to sleep, when not. Some hotels have room service, some don’t. Especially for the young guys. It’s tougher for them as opposed to us old guys who have a little more experience with this.”

McDyess said he prefers to order in as opposed to venturing out in foreign cities. However, when it comes to New York City, there is one place he just has to visit: Angelo & Maxie’s Steakhouse on Park Avenue and 19th St. in Manhattan. (sportsandfood.com)

• But which Spurs player is the biggest eater? If you guessed DeJuan Blair, you are correct.

“DeJuan [Blair],” McDyess said with a chuckle. “But I can’t say that to him because he’s on a diet.” (sportsandfood.com)

• Pounding The Rock talks about Spurs’ Steve Novak, 100 three point-shots, and the art of shooting.

• The Tower Light has some nice words for Spurs’ Gary Neal and his participation at the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge:

Gary Neal’s story is pretty awesome if you ask me. He has gone from playing at LaSalle and Towson in his college career to the European leagues and now the Spurs. Every stop of the way has come with bumps in the road, but there have been more peaks than valleys with the league-leading Spurs.

I’ll be glued to my TV set this Friday night to catch a glimpse of Neal amongst the NBA’s brightest young stars at All-Star Weekend. I can see it now: Neal throwing an alley-oop lob to Blake Griffin, who throws it down and gives the Spur a high-five as he struts down the court. Everyone smiles. Especially me.

• And speaking of Neal, Express News’ Tim Griffin reports ESPN’s Outside the Lines will do a feature on Neal.

Hit the jump to read how to win free tickets to the upcoming Spurs-Oklahoma City Thunder game in San Antonio, where a former Spurs’ player is now playing, which former Spur was listed as a bust in the NBA, on the Spurs winning quietly, about a former Spur in some legal trouble and more.

• Former Spurs’ player Pops Mensah-Bonsu has signed with French side Villeurbanne.

• Former Spurs’ player Walter Berry was listed as one of the top 10 college players who failed in the pros:

Berry was selected 14th in the 1986 NBA draft by Portland, but never wanted to play there and was shipped to San Antonio after seven games. Berry was always able to score in the NBA, averaging over 17 points per game with the Spurs, but his inability to get along with coaches had him playing for four teams in three seasons and in Europe after that. (realclearsports.com)

• USAToday.com talks about the Spurs winning quietly:

Has there ever been a team in any sport go 46-9 to less fanfare? Do the talk shows fill the airwaves with their names? Do the analysts debate their greatness? Really, how much do you hear about the Spurs? There’s never time, after the Lakers and the Celtics and the Heat and the latest thoughts of Carmelo Anthony.

These are the Spurs. They managed to win four championships the past 12 years — neither the New York Yankees nor New England Patriots can say that — and somehow do it without being conspicuous.

If the Spurs were a planet, they’d be Uranus.

• VOA News.com talks about Tony Parker and his impact as an international player on the NBA.

• Former Spurs’ player Dennis Rodman faces some tax issues in California.

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