Spurs news and notes: Spurs are the true story, Ginobili wants to go to the rodeo, and more


• San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan and head coach Gregg Popovich did an interview with ESPN and spoke on the first half of the season and why the Spurs are winning so much. A very entertaining interview.

• Fox Sports talks about the Spurs are the true story of the NBA and not the Carmelo Anthony saga:

In a league that proclaims teamwork as its highest value, the Spurs represent everything ‘Melo does not: the collective as opposed to the individual, experience and know-how over mere talent. Carmelo Anthony doesn’t make anybody better (or at least, hasn’t learned to yet). But the Spurs, even in their aged state, remain bigger than the sum of their parts.

• Jeff Fox at Hoops Manifesto released his Big Three rankings:

1 (1) Miami LeBron James-Dwyane Wade-Chris Bosh 25.2
2 (2) Lakers Pau Gasol-Kobe Bryant-Lamar Odom 24.7
3 (3) New Orleans Chris Paul-David West-Emeka Okafor 23.1
4 (4) Boston Paul Pierce-Ray Allen-Kevin Garnett 20.4
5 (6) San Antonio Manu Ginobili-Tony Parker-Tim Duncan 19.7

• Express News’ Tim Griffin talks about the Spurs on facing the newest member of the New Jersey Nets, Deron Williams, this Friday.

Hit the jump to read about the Spurs being the better team over the NBA’s best, a Boston Celtics fan gives props to the Spurs, Ginobili wants to go to the rodeo, and more.

• The Columbia Tribune says the Spurs are the better team over the super teams of the NBA:

Some would argue that there is no evidence that a superteam will even make the NBA Finals. It is the old-school San Antonio Spurs who currently have the league’s best record.

• Manu Ginobili says one day he would like to partake in the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo instead of being on the Rodeo Road Trip:

 “Everybody loves it, and I have never been a part of it – had the opportunity to go. I’m waiting for my kids to get a little bigger (and for my retirement) probably, because otherwise I will always be on the road.” (rodeoattitude.com)

• Our good buddy John Karalis at Reds Army says the Spurs know how to outsmart larger markets.

• Hoops World says the Spurs will probably not do anything this trade deadline week:

San Antonio Spurs – The Spurs have a 46-10 record.  Don’t expect much movement for the best team in the NBA.

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