Spurs news and notes: Q&A with The Smoking Musket, zombies, and more


• Project Spurs very own Paul Garcia spoke to The Smoking Musket on San Antonio Spurs’ Da’Sean Butler:

1. What was it that the Spurs liked about Butler that led them to sign him?

The Spurs felt that SHOULD he return to full health, he has a real chance at cracking the rotation next season. He was a safe gamble for them, and since he was able to play at the highest level of basketball before the injury, he has the chance to make an impact on the offensive and defensive ends for them in their run-and-gun system. With Richard Jefferson struggling, and James Anderson still relatively young, it’s always good to have another option in your back pocket such as Butler.

Click HERE to read the full Q&A.

• Spurs.com talks about the art of photographing the Spurs.

• The Spurs will be hosting a free 2011 NBA Draft party. Click HERE for the details.

• Express News’ Tim Griffin talks about George Gervin mourning the loss of Spurs’ great Mike Mitchell.

• Spurs Brasil talks about the retirement of Shaquille O’ Neal.

• Pounding the Rock talks about former Spur Mike Finley and zombies?

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